My name is David Faulkner, I'm a freelance 3d artist and games developer. I've been in the industry since 2009, and over the last 4 years my main focus has been in mobile development and Unity 3d.

I can provide a wide range of services for game development, all the way from art production, to programming in Unity C#. This flexibility makes me well suited for small teams and rapid prototyping.

Software :

  • Blender
  • 3d Studio Max
  • Unity 3d
  • Photoshop
  • Quixel Suite

Services :

  • High-poly modelling and sculpting
  • Low-poly modelling
  • Stylised and photo realistic texturing, PBR materials, custom shaders
  • Rigging and basic character animation
  • Unity C#

Contact details :

dave@cg-art.co.uk uk.linkedin.com/in/dave3d Unity Connect


Shred! 2

Over the past couple of years I've been working on and off providing support for the development of Shred! 2. As part of a two man team, my main role was programming and technical support.

I developed many of the features for the game including:

Shred! 2 is available now for Android, IOS, and early access on PC.

Ludum Dare 25

This weekend I took part in the Ludum Dare game jam competition. The competition challenges solo developers to create a game from scratch in 48hrs based on a theme. The theme for this Ludum Dare was Shapeshift.


My entry, called Freeform, is a simple arcade game based on big-way skydiving. The idea of the game is to shift your skydivers into different formations in order to score points. It was made in Unity, with graphics assets created in Blender and Photoshop, and Audio assets made with Ableton Live and Audacity. This was my first time taking part in Ludum Dare, and although I ran out of time to implement all of the features I wanted, I'm still happy that I managed to get playable game finished. It was a really fun experience, and I hope to take part in future competitions.

You can view the entry here.

Download link: cg-art.co.uk/store/LD35/LD35_Freeform.zip

A timelapse video of the development: youtube.com/watch?v=dxB6L4Gjd1Q

Crossfire Launches on Android

I've just released my new game for Android! It's a fun little arcade shooting game with a 2-player local coop mode.


This is the first game I've released as a solo developer. Almost all of the assets for the game were made from scratch by myself including graphics, music, sound effects, and scripts. It was made using the Unity3D engine, with graphics assets created in Blender and Photoshop, and Audio assets made with Ableton Live and Audacity. Total production time was around 2 months.

It's available for download now on the Google Play store!